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Sibling Rivalry

Wow! Bloomington’s Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls season opener, ‘Sibling Rivalry,’ was an exciting bout that was fantastic to witness. There were chills and spills, with each team ahead by 20 points at different times during the bout. This was Bleeding Heartland’s first intraleague bout, and the two teams were evenly matched, knowing each other very well from practicing together and separately.

Towards the end of the bout, the Slaughter Scouts had managed to pull ahead to a 71-62 lead, which the Farm Fatales couldn’t close until the very last minute of the bout. With seconds left to spare, the Fatales scored 10 more points to scrape with a close victory of 72-71, the sold-out standing-room-only crowd screaming and shouting wildly. You couldn’t have planned a more hair-raising edge-of-your-seat ending to an incredible bout.

This is just the beginning of their second season! For information on their upcoming bouts this year,
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