Taka Kinzoku (kinzokutaka) wrote in indianaderby,
Taka Kinzoku

Roller Derby and Gaming Don’t Mix

Anyone else having this problem?

From I Like It Derby --

I was thinking about how today is the 25th birthday of Tetris, and now I’ve made myself really sad. I just was thinking about how little gaming time I’ve been getting since I started roller derby. I miss my old video games!

I love Final Fantasy, and there are two new FF titles coming out in the next couple of years (XIII and XIV)! I still have to finish XII!

Guild Wars, my favorite MMORPG, has been seriously neglected since the beginning of April. I’m pretty sure the last time I logged on was on April Fool’s Day, when everyone was turned into chibi Gwen. (So cute!)

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Tags: gaming, geek, roller derby
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